You may feel like you’re in the minority here in Seattle if you’re not driving the prized Subaru Outback or a coveted Tesla. But if you’re driving a Toyota, you’re actually in the vast majority of Seattleites; there are 57,000 registered Toyotas on our city’s streets, compared to only 28,000 Subarus.

With such an influx of this popular car, you should expect to find top-notch Toyota maintenance you can count on. That’s where auto repair from Kollmar Sprinter & Fleet Solutions in Seattle comes into the picture. Though we’re known for our sprinter RVs, fleet services, and commercial services, there is no denying that we are also leaders in Toyota service and repair.

Services We Offer

Our staff is highly trained in Asian vehicles such as Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota, and Honda. You may have become accustomed to it, but having an imported car can sometimes increase your car’s maintenance costs. At Kollmar, though, we can actually lower the overall maintenance of your imported Toyota vehicle’s maintenance costs by offering you superior preventative services.

Of course, we also offer plenty of other automotive repair services for when something about your car isn’t quite right, such as brake service and exhaust repair. Toyota dealerships often demand outrageous costs, and the service and turnaround time isn’t exactly ideal. Trust us — many dealerships are offering low-quality work and tricking you, the customer, into purchasing unnecessary and expensive maintenance and products. Instead, you can rely on our auto repair shop for all of your Toyota maintenance, big or small. We will always be transparent about what we recommend for your repair and why.

Here are just some of the car service and repair options we offer:

  • Factory Maintenance
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Electrical System Repair
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Exhaust Services
  • A/C Service and Repair
  • Drive Train
  • And More

Perhaps you don’t know what service you need or what is even wrong with your car. You simply searched for a “Toyota service center near me” and found Kollmar. We’re happy you did. You may not know what the current problem is with your Toyota vehicle, but we’re confident you know your car well. We trust and value your input, and we can run diagnostics to determine what automotive repair you may be in need of.

Why Kollmar Sprinter & Fleet Solutions?

We get it — there are a lot of places you can go in Seattle for Toyota maintenance and repair, including your Toyota dealership. So why Kollmar? It’s simple: nowhere else will you get the quality, value, and service that will always be a given at our auto repair shop.

Kollmar was first started because Ted Kollmar saw a problem in the industry and wanted better for himself and others. Invention comes from necessity, and as is evident by how many customers we now regularly help, there truly was a need for change in this industry. Below are some of our most valued qualities, and we promise you’ll enjoy them each and every time you visit our Toyota service center.

  • Superior Attention to Detail – We were tired of seeing careless car maintenance workers, and we set out to change that. This is why we only work on one vehicle at a time and offer extreme attention to detail.
  • Extreme Professionalism – You can expect timeliness and open communication from us to you. We know how much you depend on your Toyota each day, so we’ll be as professional as possible throughout the process.
  • Qualified Experts – We hire ASE Certified Master Technicians and have years of quality experience diagnosing and correcting Toyota problems. You want a car mechanic with experience, and we’re your solution.
  • Desirable Value – We don’t believe in overcharging or cheating you out of your hard-earned money. We’ll charge you a fair price for auto repair and use state-of-the-art technology to lower your overall maintenance costs.
  • Brand Recognition – Our sprinter and fleet solutions are used by big names like FedEx, Red Wing Shoes, Starbucks Coffee, and more. If names like that are trusting our other services, you can rest assured we’ll take care of your Toyota.
  • Excellent Sustainability – We’re committed to creating a greener automotive repair facility, and you’ll show your commitment to the environment too when you work with us. We recycle and reuse every drop of fluid we remove from a vehicle and reduce carbon footprints by extending your car’s life and maintenance intervals.

Ready to take your Toyota maintenance to the next level? Leave it to us. Say goodbye to unreasonable maintenance costs and say hello to a greener, more cost-efficient future with Kollmar, your local Toyota mechanic. Read reviews from previous customers, contact us with questions, or go ahead and schedule an appointment for Toyota maintenance today. Our Seattle-based Toyota service center will have you back on the road in no time.