The last few years, you’ve thought about purchasing a Mercedes Sprinter RV. But is it really worth the cost and does it even make sense for your family? Here are the top five reasons why you should seriously consider a Sprinter van:

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  1. It’s both powerful and fuel-efficient – This is a pretty rare combination for vehicles. The Sprinter RV gets up to 70 miles per hour in a hurry, making it ideal for long road trips. We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention the turbodiesel of the Sprinter van. Thanks to the amazing torque of this engine, you essentially have the passing ability and quick response of a full-size turbocharged sedan. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us.
  2. It handles without a problem – A lot of people are reluctant to get a Sprinter van because they’re concerned about the handling. Here’s the thing, though: the RV is remarkably stable at highway speeds, keeping you and your passengers safe during windy conditions. Did we mention the Adaptive ESP system, which helps significantly with cornering, acceleration, and deceleration? You will also appreciate the brake assist, roll-over mitigation, and understeering control. Your Sprinter van might be fully loaded, but you will still be in complete control on the road.
  3. It has all the amenities you need – Who says that an RV can’t have the amenities of a modern passenger vehicle? A Sprinter RV has everything from airbags and power locks to seat warmers and ergonomic controls. There are also additional options available to help make your next trip that much smoother.
  4. It can replace your current camper van – You’re not quite sure if the old camper van is going to make it through one more trip. So why not give some thought to a Sprinter RV? A 144-inch van has an interior height of about 76 inches and a width of 70 inches. It’s also approximately 128 inches from the back of the front seats to the rear door. What we’re saying here is that a Sprinter RV is a major upgrade from your current camper van.
  5. Stress-free maintenance – A number of companies are starting to specialize in parts and service for Sprinter vans. At Kollmar Sprinter & Fleet Solutions, we are proud to be your Sprinter maintenance specialists. Rest assured that you won’t get the “dealership experience” at our one-of-a-kind facility. By no means will we try to sell you on costly, unnecessary products. You can count on us to be completely transparent from the time you walk in to the time we’re finished with your vehicle. Have questions along the way? Our ASE Certified Master Technicians are more than happy to help.

There’s no question that the Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV makes a great choice. Should you choose to purchase one, we encourage you to stop by Kollmar Sprinter & Fleet Solutions for routine maintenance. See why so many Seattle residents are choosing our facility for Sprinter parts and Sprinter service.

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