Accu-TRAC Is #1 In Performance – The Truth About Alignments

At Kollmar Automotive, we put our reputation on the line every day and we do not stop there. We will continue to strive to be better because when we put our name on it, you better know one thing and one thing only, that it’s really darn good!

Have you ever had something that felt right? I mean you felt it to the core of you, and you know that you have hit the sweet spot. Our Accu-TRAC Alignment System can do just that for you, by having the proper tires and suspension in the right specifications. Your car will have no worn bushings, tie-rods, or tires that have subgrade sidewalls or bad ballpoints. Right now almost every car on the road needs an alignment with some form of a tune-up on the suspension. Most of us today do not really budget for suspension work. By not budgeting for this, we are making a compromise to save money in the short run. However, are we really doing ourselves a favor? Or is it costing us? We may not have fooled you but some people truly do not really allow themselves to maximize the true benefits due to time and money. It is now more than ever important to understand the real cost in ownership of your vehicle, and how you manage it.

Thank God for Kollmar, as we have an App for that. Coming in the first part of 2018 we will have an App that will monitor all your vehicle costs and notify you of services that are needed for your vehicle. This is state of the art next-gen application to advance your ability to know everything in one place and the resources to research whatever topic you need. Not only that, we will know when your check engine light comes on and we can notify you immediately. We can let you know if the warning is serious to the point that you need to pull over. If not, we can let you know if it is not that important and you can keep driving.

The Accu-TRAC system can also know how much out of specifications your vehicle is and reset to the original factory specifications. Even if your vehicle has been in an accident, it will compensate for accuracy and tracking. This astonishing piece of equipment can improve your fuel economy because of the accuracy of the system where most alignment systems cannot be within 30% of the Accu-TRAC.

Give us a call now and set your appointment to feel the difference.