“They say invention comes from necessity”

As a young boy I was always into science and mechanics, or how things came apart and went together, how can I make it better? At a very young age of 5 year old my dad had a pinball machine and I loved how it worked. I watching the ball hit the bumpers and move faster across the game board. So I decided to play with the wires and make the lights change and other components turn on when the ball hit the bumpers. My dad got home one day and went to play his new toy and it did not work as it did before. Well, needless to say I did not get to play with his pinball game anymore…

So forwarding in life I was lucky to have parents that kept me active in all sorts of sports and I had a need or drive to things that moved and made noise (squirrel).
We had a cemetery up the street and we always had to pass through it to get to the store and I made friends with the caretaker. One day he called me over and said I could have a lawnmower engine if I could get it home. That was the beginning of my love of engines.
From that point in time I built a mini bike and went to motorcycles to racing flat track and the drag strip.

Many years later I found myself in need of a mechanic, I did not have the time to work on my own car and found a shop to do the work. Well I knew what was needed and I got a line of less than favorable or correct answers. I got my car back and it was not the same performance as it was before. I had a long and frustrating experience. This was not the only bad experience I had encountered as well as price gouging.

In 2005 I started to think if I was getting this kind of service and treated with less than what my money can buy then I need to look at how can I help others in the same situation. I started with a plan, I need people that understand the same as myself. Then I need to have the right tools.
I did not have lots of money so I bought a small tool set and bought cars from tow yards and fixed them and sold them. I did this with a gravel lot and shipping containers with a tarp over them as my garage. I had no power no heat and worked in the weather with little tools but I made it work.

I saved enough money to get a old abandoned space in SeaTac I told the owner if he would let me fix the place I would rent it when I was done fixing it up. OMG what an undertaking. I finally opened in April 2008 I did $149.00 my first month in business. Well that’s where I worked on my first Sprinter and from that point I found that the sprinter owners had the same experience I once had. I found that just because it was a diesel and said Mercedes to me it was just an engine with a different technology.

I suppose with willingness desire, and don’t give up attitude plus added understanding that I know where I came from, mixed with a personal touch and care that today’s business forgot, I drive for nothing less than doing it right or nothing. That’s just the way it is. Why have less core values. We are Technologist and craftsmen that understand today’s needs.

Today we are a destination for Sprinter and Fleet owners from all over the United States and we as a team understand together as a family unit we make a difference. My dream has come to a reality in servicing the needs of others and giving others satisfaction in comfort that a job is well done with a better value and true quality, That’s What makes the Kollmar difference.

-Ted Kollmar