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We may not be the only service and repair facility in the game, but we're the best at offering exactly what smart customers and businesses need. Having your Sprinter misdiagnosed is a nightmare, and cost over runs are not necessary. This is why so many have chosen Kollmar.

You will find that very few facilities are equipped for the Sprinter to the same degree. In fact Kollmar Sprinter Solutions has engineered tools and equipment that no other shop in the country has. Also the original manufactured parts that the dealers recommend may not be the best part in the marketplace for your Sprinter. We offer knowledge and resources that surpass even the dealers. Just ask your service provider if your Nitrates are low and what to do about it, if they stand there and scratch their head then they don't really know diesel technology.

We have customers with over 600,000 miles on their Sprinter Vans, getting the most out of your vehicle comes down to how it's serviced. When you compare Kollmar Sprinter Solutions to the competition you will discover that we provide the most value to your Sprinter Van. When it comes to Sprinters and support, we make sure you are well covered. Come see why customers from all over the United States come back to see us.



Factory Maintenance

Computer Diagnostics

Electrical System Repair

Engine Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild

Brakes & Suspension

Exhaust Service

A/C Service & Repair

Clutches & Drive Train

Running Gear

OEM Sprinter Parts

Extended Service Plans

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